Downstream process technology – Pilot plant

Hydrolysistank at Nofima. Photo: Bjørn Erik Larsen/Nofima

The facility includes pilot-scale equipment for optimization of process conditions, quantification of yields and mass balances, preparation of larger quantities of food and feed products for further testing, and upscaling trials (TRL 4-6).

Available unit operations:

  • Wet grinder
  • Bead mill
  • Stirred tank reactors (2 x 50 L) with T-control and vacuum possibilities
  • Stirred tank reactors (2 x 200 L) with T-control
  • Kitchen cookers (2 x 200 L)
  • Double-screw presses for mechanical dewatering
  • 2/3-phase decanter centrifuge
  • Disc centrifuge with automatic sludge emptying
  • Filter press
  • Micro- and ultrafiltration (ceramic membranes)
  • Nanofiltration (spiral wound membranes)
  • 4-stage evaporator
  • Short-path distillation
  • Hot air dryers (tray, mechanical fluidizing, spray)
  • Indirect steam dryer
  • Milling equipment (hammer, roto, pin- and jet mill)
  • Powder sieving
  • Powder mixing and homogenization