National Algaepilot Mongstad (NAM)

Photo: Thor Brødreskift © UiB

The National Algaepilot Mongstad is the microalgae production test facility (TRL 5-6) used for process optimization, scale-up, and the production of large quantities of biomass for further testing and development of new products (food, feed, chemicals).

The facility consists of a greenhouse with various types of photobioreactors, and a basic laboratory and office as well as the related infrastructure (water treatment, harvesting equipment) in the annex, and is owned by the University of Bergen, and operated in close collaboration with NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS.

Available unit operations include:

  • Three 40L GWP-II flat panel photobioreactors
  • One 250L GemTube photobioreactor (incl. artificial illumination)
  • Four 800L GemTube photobioreactors (incl. artificial illumination)
  • Evodos T25 centrifuge